Florida Protects Its Citizens with Bad Faith Insurance Laws

Workers Comp Lawyer Palm Beach Florida has a law, statute §624.155 titled, “Civil Remedy” that is commonly referred to as the “bad faith” statute.  This law has changed the way insurance claims are handled in Florida. There is a difference between common law bad faith and statutory bad faith.  Florida courts have recognized an insurance […]

How a Palm Beach Workplace Injury Lawyer Can Help You

A Palm Beach workplace injury lawyer is an attorney that specializes in representing clients who have sustained injuries, illnesses, and chronic health problems at or related to work. As there are many ways to get hurt or sick while on the job, a Palm Beach Florida work injury lawyer can help protect your rights should […]

Palm Beach Worker’s Compensation Lawyers: Why Do We Need Them?

As worker’s compensation lawyers in Palm Beach, our first priority is to make sure that you attain all the medical assistance and compensation you need to make a complete recovery following a work related injury. Studies show the number one cause of bankruptcy in The United States is the inability to pay accrued medical bills. […]

A Palm Beach Workers Comp Lawyer You Can Trust

Trust is one of the most important values you can place in your Palm Beach workers compensation lawyer. In a work injury case, however, trust can be a rare commodity. We have seen many employees who believe that their employers and insurance providers have their best interests at heart, only to realize, too late, that […]