Are Older Workers More at Risk of Injury than Younger Workers?

There are many law firms that work with different clients from all types of occupations and industries who have been injured in the job. The best workers’ compensation attorneys, however, should work diligently to get injured employees the compensation and benefits they are entitled to under the laws of their state.

Although a job-related injury or illness can happen to anyone, New York workers compensation lawyers have found that there are certain workers who appear to be more at risk than others of being hurt on the job. Multiple studies which have been conducted also appear to have reached the same conclusions.

One group of workers who appear to be at a higher risk of being injured is older women. In one particular study, researchers discovered that women who are between the ages of 55 through 64 were three times more at risk of suffering a serious fall while at work than female employees who were are between the ages of 15 through 24. When researchers compared the injuries of all ages of female workers who suffered from falls, they discovered that injuries of older female workers resulted in higher medical costs and more time off from their jobs because of disabilities the falls caused. The data from this particular study was collected over a six-year period.

Older Workers                                                             

This study, as well as many other studies, reveals that there is a critical need for employers to focus and place high priority on workplace injury prevention and workplace safety, especially for older workers. This is crucial as the workforce ages, with many more people working way past the age of retirement that their parents and grandparents did.

Statistics from the Bureau of Labor reveal just how quickly that trend is growing. In 2010, 19 percent of the U.S. workforce consisted of workers who were 55 years of age or older. Just five years later, that percentage had jumped to almost 23 percent. It is estimated that by 2024, almost 25 percent of the entire workforce in this country will be older workers.

There are many reasons why people choose to continue to work instead of retiring. Many people choose a healthier lifestyle than past generations did, focusing on diet, nutrition, and exercise and are able to continue to pursue their careers well into their sixties and seventies.

Other older workers continue to work out of economic necessity, especially as the overall national trend is that we are living longer.

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