Back Pain and the American Workforce

If you work or have ever worked in an office setting, chances are you have experienced some degree of back pain. Shockingly, back pain is the most common reason workers miss work. It is also of the the most common causes of disability claims in the United States. Due to technology and the workforce demands associated with its development, many jobs in the U.S. are related to computers in some fashion. Sitting at a computer for extended periods of time can cause stiffness and aching in the lumbar region. If your job requires time spent in an office, chances are you have experienced extended periods of uninterrupted sitting. If you sit with poor posture as many Americans do, the negative effects of extensive sitting may be increased. Improper back and head position can place a disproportionate amount stress on your spine or neck. Given the impact the spine has with the central nervous system, additional injuries can emerge.

History of the United States workforce infers that humans have not been accustomed to the extent of sedentary behavior present in today’s work environment. More prevalent industrial careers involved factory work, where employees may stand at an assembly line for the entire duration of their day. If you are every experiencing any form of back pain, contact an experienced back pain doctor Bethesda trusts to ensure that you are taking proper steps to alleviate this pain. With this evolution in the workforce, how do modern day employees combat back pain? Below are a few tips:

  • Research has indicated sitting for between 60-90 minutes uninterrupted can decrease your expected lifespan. It is recommended to take a brief walk every 45 minutes or so to resist the risk of back injury and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Diet can also play a role in preventing back injury. Certain oils, fish, and nuts can help reduce inflammation. Many different fruits, vegetables, and even drinks like tea, can contain antioxidants that are able to decrease inflammation as well.   
  • Of course, there is no substitute for exercise. Exercising on a regular basis can increase cardiovascular health which can result in better circulation of blood throughout the body. Certain exercise activities can target the muscle groups in your back and abdomen responsible for maintaining strong, stable posture. Proper posture can balance and evenly distribute strain throughout the body, boosting the longevity of your joints.

Contact an Attorney

Although there are many different procedures and techniques to help proactively treat back pain, sometimes they are not enough. Sometimes, your working conditions may result in injury due to negligence of your employer. If you feel that your back pain is the result of a negligent party, contact a personal injury lawyer and explain the situation.  The lawyer may be able to develop a claim and you could be awarded compensation as a result of the injury.


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