Can I Get Treatment From a Chiropractor Under Workers Compensation?

In any worker’s compensation case, it is crucial that you speak with an attorney as well as a healthcare professional because they will look out for your best interests. When you consult a workers compensation attorney, you will discover how they can help you receive maximum benefits for your work injury. You will likely need the compensation to help you pay for your medical bills and to make up for your lost wages. In the meantime, working with a chiropractor may be a vital key for your recovery from the injury.  As a result, there are a high number of workers compensation cases due to back pain. In fact, about eighty percent of people in the United States deal with lower back pain. A chiropractor may be able to provide non-surgical treatments for the back pain. Such treatments can allow the worker to return to work much faster than back surgery which usually requires a longer recovery time and may be a less effective form of treatment. Read on to learn how chiropractic care and workers compensation can go hand in hand to provide the treatment you need in order to heal. Many workers suffer back injuries while on the job.

What Do Chiropractors Do?

A workers compensation lawyer may even refer you to a chiropractor for treatment of a workplace injury. For instance, if your vehicle is hit by another driver while you are on a company errand using a company car, your workers comp lawyer may refer you to a chiropractor who can treat and document your injury. Proof of the seriousness of your case is critical for a successful claim and to receive the maximum amount of compensation possible. Most individuals who have heard of chiropractic work understand that it can heal neck and back pain, but not everyone realizes that it is also an effective holistic tool to improve overall health. When someone is suffering from an injury, the physical pain can cause emotional pain or stress. Chiropractic treatments will focus on the cause of the pain which in turn can reduce swelling, inflammation, and help heal the injury itself. Many chiropractic clinics also provide holistic care such as massage and acupuncture. These additional treatment methods can reduce or eliminate pain without having to turn to painkillers or surgery. If these treatments are necessary to help you heal from your workplace injury, a workers compensation attorney can determine if they should be covered by your benefits package. Chiropractic treatments are no longer thought of as an obscure form of medicine.