How a Palm Beach Workplace Injury Lawyer Can Help You

Palm Beach Workplace Injury Lawyer

A Palm Beach workplace injury lawyer is an attorney that specializes in representing clients who have sustained injuries, illnesses, and chronic health problems at or related to work. As there are many ways to get hurt or sick while on the job, a Palm Beach Florida work injury lawyer can help protect your rights should you be injured or fall ill at the workplace.

Our Palm Beach worker’s compensation lawyers can represent clients dealing with the following workplace injuries and other issues.

Workplace Injuries: Overexertion

Heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying, throwing, holding, and other movements that cause workers to overexert themselves and go beyond the limits of their bodies, often result in some kind of personal injury.

Among the most common problems caused by overexertion, include back and neck injuries. Your back is an especially critical part of the body responsible for supporting a wide range of movements. As such, injuries to this area can have serious effects on your ability to continue working as well as your quality of life.

Workplace Injuries: Slips and Falls

A West Palm Beach worker’s compensation lawyer can help workers receive compensation from a slip or fall that occurred in the workplace. While workers are advised and expected to be aware of their surroundings—particularly in areas with a high risk of injury—this burden can be unreasonable after a certain point. If it’s found that the workplace was not kept dry or clear of debris to a safe standard, the injured party is usually entitled to compensation.

Workplace Injuries: Falling from Higher Levels

Workers in the construction industry are at most risk for falling from high levels. Whether it’s falling from a ladder, or slipping off a roof, these terrifying falls often lead to serious injuries, and sometimes, even fatalities.

Workplace Injuries: Falling Objects

Warehouses and other similar work areas that contain loose objects or several people carrying heavy items with their bare hands present several potential hazards to workers. Loose and heavy objects often fall faster before someone can react and evade, which can lead to head or foot injuries among others.

Workplace Injuries: Motor Accidents

The assistance of a West Palm Beach work injury lawyer can prove invaluable for clients whose jobs require frequent driving, thus increasing their risk of experiencing an automobile accident. If the drive or commute was for purposes specifically related to the company and the worker’s duties, the accident can be viewed as a workplace injury.

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