Palm Beach Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Settlements

Receiving counsel from the workers compensation lawyers Palm Beach most trusts can be the difference between a comfortable recovery from an injury and meager compensation, or worse– no compensation at all. When your workers compensation insurance provider fails to give you the medical and lost wage benefits to which you are entitled, talk to your Palm Beach workers compensation lawyer about a settlement. Indeed, you would be wise to contact an attorney the minute you are injured at work, regardless of the circumstances, so you may fully understand your legal rights and options, and properly protect them. Often, you will find that a settlement is the least strenuous and most straightforward way to obtain what you deserve.

In a settlement, your Palm Beach workers’ compensation attorney’s goal is to obtain deserved compensation for you without involving you in the costly or time consuming litigation of a lawsuit. A settlement is meant to provide an injured worker with an agreed payment, after which the injured worker will no longer seek further benefits through the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider.

Settlements can occur at any point during the claims process, but are usually discussed during mediation, where injured and at-fault parties attempt to reach an agreement. There is no hard-and-fast formula for deciding on an appropriate award for the injured workers’ settlement, but lost wages and medical costs are often taken into account, along with less measurable damages, known as “pain and suffering.” Usually, the workers’ compensation insurance provider will calculate a number and negotiations go from there.

The settlement process can take significantly longer without the assistance of a qualified Palm Beach personal injury attorney. The insurance provider will almost certainly have competent legal representation, and without an experienced and knowledgeable attorney by your side, it may be difficult to fully understand what the insurance provider is truly giving you, and asking of you in return. It is always wise to have an attorney look at any agreement before you sign it. Without an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Palm Beach County, FL, it is very likely you will receive an insufficient settlement and sign away your right to pursue further compensation. Don’t make this mistake, contact our reputable workers compensation lawyers in Palm Beach, FL today and obtain the settlement you deserve.