Palm Beach Worker’s Compensation Lawyers: Why Do We Need Them?

As worker’s compensation lawyers in Palm Beach, our first priority is to make sure that you attain all the medical assistance and compensation you need to make a complete recovery following a work related injury. Studies show the number one cause of bankruptcy in The United States is the inability to pay accrued medical bills. Even those with health insurance often do not escape hardship due to medical bills.

The unfortunate truth is that health insurance companies will do everything in their power to avoid covering your medical costs in your dire time of need. We hear from clients time and time again of the attempts insurance companies’ representatives make to hold back what is owed them. These attempts are demoralizing and often times intrusive. Nurse case managers sent by insurance companies may barge in during medical exams and disrupt the procedure; adjusters may fail to provide medical attention as promised and, when they do, may send doctors prone to make diagnoses beneficial to the insurance companies, i.e., diagnoses that downplay the severity of your work related injuries.

Palm beach worker’s compensation lawyers have the experience and expertise necessary to assure that you get everything you require during these trying times. We will hinder the advances of those who represent the insurance companies trying prevent you from receiving the compensation you deserve.

Sometimes, however, it is not only the elusive insurance companies you need to worry about. Employers are often reluctant to involve insurance companies in these matters at the expense of their insurance premiums. They may try to cast the blame on you and exploit your lack of experience with worker’s compensation procedures to deter you from filing claims.

The world is not a perfect place. Whether it is your employer, your insurance company, or both parties attempting to refrain from giving you the compensation you need, our Palm Beach worker’s compensation lawyers know exactly how to handle the situation. Don’t allow yourself to become one of the close to 1 million Americans who will file for bankruptcy this year due to medical bills. Contact our Palm Beach workers comp attorneys and start getting your life back on track.