Why Workers’ Compensation Can Be So Hard to Claim Without an Attorney

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Palm Beach Construction Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured on a construction site, call on the best construction site accident lawyer West Palm Beach has to offer! We understand that your body represents your livelihood. If you are injured in an accident, you may not be able to work and provide for your family. In fact, if an accident is severe enough, it may permanently interfere with your ability to work, and may result in you earning less pay. Our construction accident lawyer in Palm Beach understands your situation, and knows from experience that an attorney is important in workers’ compensation cases.

Our Construction Accident Lawyers Fight Vigorously For You

Many times, employers do not want to pay out on workers’ compensation claims. They may claim that you were not injured on the job, or that you are presenting an injury that occurred elsewhere or at another time. As the top construction accident lawyer Fort Pierce has, we fight vigorously for our clients. When your employer says “no,” we say “yes.” We demand the compensation that you deserve for your injuries. Not only do we work to ensure that your medical bills are covered, we also fight for your lost wages, and the impact that your injury or disability will have on your future wages.

Your employer and their insurance company want to save money if at all possible. That means they may not want to accept responsibility for your claim. If you have faced a significant injury, you truly need an advocate on your side to fight in your defense.

If your injuries are severe, and you and your physician believe you will not be able to return to work in your previous capacity, we will fight for a “permanent partial disability” award. This will help compensate you for your lack of ability to earn as you previously could. Our construction accident attorney in Boca Raton represents construction workers routinely and therefore can handle the demands of insurance companies and employers. With our experienced representation, you can focus on your injuries and return to health. We will work in your defense and bring your case to justice.

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Do not try to go it alone! Our representation can help defend your rights under workers’ compensation laws. Our versatile and compassionate attorneys understand the law and all you are entitled to receive. Workers’ compensation law can be complicated, and you can rest assured that the insurance company will not represent your right to compensation. Contact the best construction site accident lawyer West Palm Beach has to offer today!