A Palm Beach Workers Comp Lawyer You Can Trust

Trust is one of the most important values you can place in your Palm Beach workers compensation lawyer. In a work injury case, however, trust can be a rare commodity. We have seen many employees who believe that their employers and insurance providers have their best interests at heart, only to realize, too late, that they are more concerned with their bottom line. Work injury claims should be a straightforward process, but too often the employers and insurance claims adjusters create roadblocks to stop you from pursuing a claim or obtaining the full amount you deserve. For this reason, it is best to find a trustworthy workers comp attorney in Palm Beach, who understands the games being played around Palm Beach’s injured workers.

If you are injured at work, it is important to seek fair compensation and not let others deter you. Often the tactics used to deter workers rely on their inexperience with work injury and the medical care system. Many employers will try to convince employees that they just need a little rest, or that it is better to deal with the problem without getting the insurance company involved. Do not listen. If your employer truly cares about your well being, he or she will ensure that your claim is filed quickly and correctly, so that you may get the treatment you require.

Sometimes the employer is not the deterrent at all, but the insurance provider will use its own tactics to keep you from seeking payment. Your workers compensation insurance provider will likely send you to a designated doctor, one whom they have approved. Many times, this doctor will tell you what the insurance company wants to hear: that your injury is not that serious, or that it is due to a pre-existing condition and not the company’s responsibility. In other cases, when the first physician cannot deny that you have a serious work injury, the insurance provider will send you for a second opinion. Unsurprisingly, the second opinion is usually more in line with what the insurance provider wants. The result is an injured and untreated employee. Often this employee is not able to perform as well at work and ends up losing the job. Expenses begin to mount.

Our Palm Beach County workers compensation lawyers are prepared for these, and many other tactics. We never want to see employees come out of pocket for medical expenses that were incurred due to a work accident. And we certainly don’t want to see you lose your job through no fault of your own. If you have been injured at work, do not let anyone tell you not to file a claim, that your condition is pre-existing, or that your case is closed prematurely. Schedule a consultation with our work injury attorneys in Palm Beach and learn what your legal options are first.