Palm Beach Work Injury Attorneys

Palm Beach Work Injury Attorneys Palm Beach Work Injury Attorneys

It’s a question Palm Beach work injury attorneys hear often: “How much money will I receive every week?”. The answer varies according to the person’s circumstances. In fact, it can vary quite a bit which is why if you suffered a serious injury at work, it may be beneficial to contact the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt to make sure you are not cheated out of your rightful benefits. We work with injured employees from all backgrounds and vocations in the Palm Beach community so there is a very good chance that we can help you too. Before we take a case, we offer a free, no obligation consultation. This way, if you do not need a workers’ compensation lawyer you can find out at the beginning of the process, and without having paid any fees.

Consider the Severity of Your Injuries

All injuries, big and small, can happen at work. If you do sustain a work-related injury, you are entitled to medical care and possibly lost wages. Don’t let your employer tell you if you have been injured or not. Only you know if you have been injured. Our Palm Beach work injury attorneys will review your claim, your injury, your medical records and diagnosis to determine what benefits you are owed and devise a plan to get them for you. If your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier denies your claim, we will fight them on your behalf

Workers’ Compensation Benefits Vary by State

Other factors that influence the types and amount of benefits that a worker is qualified to receive include the state in which their employer is located. Each state has their own guidelines. This can become complicated if an employee works at company with offices located in different states. Also, an employer may try to take advantage of this situation by claiming one state’s guidelines that favor them, despite the accident occurring in another state. Though unusual, these circumstances warrant consulting experienced work injury attorneys in Palm Beach to gain clarity on the matter and protect your rights.

Active Workers’ Compensation Claims

As work injury attorneys in Palm Beach will tell you, obtaining benefits is just the first part. We seek to get injured workers all of the benefits available under the law. This includes medical care and lost wages. But what happens when your work comp doctors don’t listen, don’t help, or just don’t care. Our Palm Beach work injury lawyers have more than 100 years combined experience helping injured workers when their assigned doctor’s won’t.


If you were injured at work and would like to know more about whether or not Palm Beach work injury attorneys can help you, contact the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt  for a free consultation.