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Palm Beach workers comp lawyers are essential to many work injury matters. Although the system is designed to be “cut and dry,” workers compensation laws can prove difficult to interpret, especially in measuring mental and emotional trauma, and other intangibles. Workers compensation laws in Florida become relevant to workplace injuries far more often than you might expect. In fact, almost 70,000 Floridians suffer from personal injury while at their place of employment. Many are unaware of the compensation they deserve.

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When you are injured, you have certain rights that make you eligible to receive medical care and/or monetary benefits, given you hire a workers comp attorney in Palm Beach. A work-related injury can do serious damage to an individual, causing long-lasting emotional and financial trauma. If you’re aware of the workers compensation laws in Florida, you’ll be more prepared to handle your own case.

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Workers compensation laws are different in every state. A Palm Beach, FL workers comp lawyer is therefore uniquely qualified to advise you if you are injured in Florida. If you have moved to Florida recently, you cannot simply assume that the laws in your previous state are the same here.   Also, if you are reading this article and live in another state, these laws might not apply to you.   Even in Florida, lawmakers frequently change the personal injury laws. If the law does change after the accident, the law that was in place during the day of the accident will be the one that will determine your benefits throughout the entirety of the case.

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If you are hurt on the job, Florida law requires that you inform your boss of the injury no more than 30 days after the incident. If the injury gradually developed, and you were unable to report the injury within this time frame, you must report the details of the situation to your boss within 30 days of becoming aware that the problem A) was caused at work, and B) you suffered an injury because of this problem. These situations most often occur when the victim is unknowingly exposed to a toxic substance while working. In the situation of occupational diseases, such as hearing loss or black lung, the worker is obligated to give notice of the injury within 90 days.

Depending on the company, there are often special forms the employer needs to sign before sending them to the insurance company. In order to avoid confusion, be sure to fill out the proper paperwork and give all necessary details regarding the accident. In these cases, more is better, and you need not hesitate to include all the details regarding any possible injuries. If you discover other injuries after sending your claim, you may not be eligible to receive compensation for the newly discovered injuries. It is also wise to document the injury as much as you can. You never know what information you will need once the case develops.

When it comes to actually receiving medical treatment, you can request that the necessary medical care become authorized through the Worker’s Compensation insurance system. If you are denied this access, you have the right to select your own medical professional to help treat the injury, and your employer will be responsible for paying these medical bills

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This may seem like a lot of information, but our Palm Beach FL work injury attorneys are well versed in Florida workers compensation laws so you don’t have to be. Our Florida law firm is aware of exceptions to the laws and completely up-to-speed on the current laws regarding work-related injury. If you’re confused, or don’t know how to proceed, our lawyers will step in and help guide you through the complicated legal process. We’re on your side, and we’re here to help provide you with the compensation you deserve.

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