Palm Beach Gardens Work Injury Attorneys

What should I do after getting injured at work?

Palm Beach Gardens work injury attorneys urge workers to take quick action if they have been injured on the job. The steps taken immediately after a workplace accident could impact the amount of compensation you can collect. If you were hurt at your job, follow these steps:

Make an Accident Report

The first step work injury attorneys in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida would suggest is to make an accident report. You have a limited amount of time to report an accident that occurs in the workplace. If you file an accident report too late, you might not be able to recover compensation for your injuries. Be sure to obtain a copy of the accident report and keep it in a safe place.

Get Medical Attention

Even if your injuries do not seem that serious, it’s still important to seek medical care as soon as possible. Symptoms might not be present right away and an injury may become more serious over time. A doctor can examine your injuries and determine if they require treatment. Your employer’s insurance company may assume that you weren’t actually hurt if you don’t have any medical records to support your claim. Palm Beach Gardens work injury attorneys have likely seen individuals get their workers comp claims denied because they waited too long to see a doctor.

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

If your doctor recommends treatment for your injuries, it may be in your best interest to follow his or her orders. If you do not go to your doctor’s appointments, it can impact your workers comp claim. Your employer’s insurance company may wonder why you aren’t following your doctor’s advice and decide to reject your claim.

Take it Easy

If your injury requires you to take some time off of work, it is important to take your time recovering. Do not try to return to work before you are ready. Palm Beach Gardens work injury attorneys have represented clients who returned to work too soon and were not able to perform their jobs properly — or worse, they were injured again. Keep in regular contact with your employer to let him or her know how you are doing and discuss plans to return to work.

Hire an Attorney

Sometimes employers deny workers comp claims or offer a settlement amount that’s too low. In these types of situations, it may be necessary to hire a team of Palm Beach Gardens work injury attorneys. They may help you file an appeal and negotiate for fair compensation. During your initial consultation with your attorneys, you may be asked several different questions, such as how the accident happened and how your employer initially responded. Include as many details as possible in your answers and do not hesitate to voice your own questions and concerns during your meeting.

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