Workers Compensation Attorney Palm Beach FL

Workers’ Compensation Attorney Palm Beach FL

Workers Compensation Attorney Palm Beach FL

Florida law requires almost all businesses to provide some form of workers’ compensation to their employees in the event that they become ill or are injured on the job. There are limits on how long benefits last, but in every valid case, the injured workers should expect to receive them in full and without hassle. Unfortunately, this is not always how things go. In fact, many workers’ compensation claims are initially denied. This could be due to an error in paperwork, allegation of a false claim, or failure to meet the deadline. Denial of a claim can be devastating and can add insult to injury. Luckily, there are other options.

The workers’ compensation lawyers at Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt are dedicated to the rights of Palm Beach FL residents. We work hard to secure full benefits for our clients. When you choose our workers’ compensation lawyers to represent you, please know that:

  • We have decades of experience in handling workers’ compensation claims
  • Our staff is educated, supportive, honest, and kind
  • We offer individualized service that might not be available at larger firms
  • You’ll be guided through the process so you know exactly what to expect
  • We are familiar with local municipality legal systems
  • We seek maximum benefits to ensure you have enough to get the treatment you need and cover the costs of living

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Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Injured workers may be able to receive the following benefits:

Medical Care – Including ER and hospital visits, surgery, doctor’s visits, rehabilitation, medication, equipment, and more.
Disability – Workers’ who are unable to work may receive benefits for temporary, partial, or full disability.
Permanent Injuries – Loss of limb, loss of any of the five senses, loss of an organ, or other injuries may qualify you for additional benefits.
Death Benefits – If the worker died because of a job related injury or illness, the surviving family members might recover future wages, retirement benefits, funeral costs, and more.

When Your Claim is Denied

It is possible for a workers’ comp claim to be denied. In fact, this is all too common. You can appeal a denial, and when you do, your case will be heard by a special judge at a hearing. Evidence may also be requested. After being denied, it may be a smart choice to obtain a workers’ compensation attorney who can stand by your side. Ideally, you should retain a lawyer from the very beginning to avoid a denial and prevent any unfortunate setbacks.

Choose the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt

The workers’ compensation lawyers at our firm may help you to prepare the right documents, ensure all forms are correctly completed and filed within the statute of limitations, gather evidence, speak with witnesses, and negotiate with your employer and the insurance company.

Don’t go through this process on your own. Choose a skilled workers’ compensation attorney Palm Beach Fl residents trust to help.