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The Palm Beach workers compensation lawyers at our firm represent employees injured on the job. With this trained focus, we provide in-depth knowledge, yielding the best results for work accident victims.

All states mandate that employers provide workers’ compensation insurance. However, the specific stipulations around this mandate vary by state, and so does the process around acquiring benefits. The rule of thumb in Florida is that an employer must provide workers compensation insurance for a company of four or more workers. However, in instances of construction work, employers must secure workers’ compensation insurance for one employee. The process for obtaining workers compensation benefits varies by situation and location, as does an employer’s willingness to aid in the process by filing a report. State workers’ compensation processes, in theory, are self-executing. However, we recognize that this is not always the case, and you may benefit from the guidance of a Palm Beach workers’ compensation attorney.

workers compensation lawyers Palm Beach: Franks and KoenigSome insurance companies are extremely helpful when it comes to providing benefits, communicating thoroughly, issuing lost wage checks on time, and promptly arranging medical appointments, to ensure patient satisfaction. However, there are also many insurance providers that are less forthcoming and helpful throughout the process, delaying payments and accumulating interest in their bank accounts as your physical and financial states worsen.

When seeking a Palm Beach workers compensation lawyer, consider us. Our attorneys understand the difficult and sometimes confounding workers’ compensation process– a process that can often deter injured workers from seeking the full benefits they deserve. Do not settle for less. Call to speak with an experienced Palm Beach workers compensation lawyer who will fight for you.

When consulting with a workers compensation lawyer in Palm Beach, the following questions are not uncommon among injured workers:

  • Is my employer allowed to fire me if I file a workers’ compensation claim?
  • Who will pay my doctor’s bills?
  • What if I cannot go back to my previous job due to permanent work restrictions?
  • If my injury prevents me from returning to my old career, can I receive retraining?
  • How much money will I get?

Your employer or insurance providers may have a more vested interest in protecting their own businesses and bottom lines than assisting you. If you are injured in a work accident, it is best to receive quality advice from an experienced Palm Beach workers’ compensation lawyer. We are here to assist you. Consult with our Palm Beach workers comp attorneys today.


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